40 years of crafting fine signs

Bill Boger came in wanting to get his name out there for the window and siding business.  As we talked, some ideas came up, and we worked up this design.

Bold colors, and no mistaking what company this is, and what they do.

Plus, we strongly suggested we do this in premium 3M vinyl.  Way too many vehicle lettering jobs are done with a digital print.  We do digital prints also.  They have their place depending upon the type of image being done. We educate the customer as to the limitations of both processes - premium 3M vinyl, or digitally printed vinyl.  The majority of shops won't tell you that digital prints WILL fade and start to peel as early as 3 to 5 years. - it doesn't matter what sign shop does it.  That's the limitation of the digital process. The sun is the enemy of digitally printed signs.

We use our experience to relay this info to the customer so they can make an educated decision on what's best for them and their message. 

Thanks Bill - you have a sharp looking shop truck!