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Brand DeYoung came to us for shirts.  We mentioned we also do vehicle or trailer lettering, business cards, and oh yes - check out this new cap decorating offering.  We laser etched black faux leather patches and heat set them to his caps.  He wanted everything coordinated, and we were able to do that.  Black, silver, and grey used throughout the branding of his company.

It was a lot of fun, as 'We Turned His Ideas intoReality!'

Thanks so much Brandon!

40 years of Crafting Fine Signs and Screen printing


40 years of screen printing experience

We custom hand screen printed all the garments for the Cherokee Braves Homecoming. Plus, by having us do an internet online store for the Homecoming Committee, we were able to raise $974 for them. Marilyn Samsel is handing the check to Veranda Johnson and Michael Morris from the High School, Mick Samsel to the right.

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Awards Plaques for the Cherokee Area Economic Development Banquet

Awards Plaques for the Cherokee Area Economic Development Banquet

Thank you! Happy to design and assemble the plaques for the recipients. We do plaques, trophies, awards of all kinds. 40 years of expertise.
40 years of crafting fine signs

40 years of crafting fine signs

Bill Boger came in wanting to get his name out there for the window and siding business.  As we talked, some ideas came up, and we worked up this d...

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